How do we go about having trees planted at our home or business?

Do you have a warranty?

What territory do you work in?

When is the best time to move a tree?

Can you move trees that are already existing on our property?

What is a reasonable distance to transplant trees from one location to another?

How much does it cost to move a tree?

First we have to decide if we are talking about moving trees on the same property, or moving trees from one location to another. If we are moving trees on site, the cost per tree is considerably less based on truck time. If we are moving trees from one location to another we need to consider travel time and highway driving versus city driving. Other things to consider would be the type of tree (evergreens take more time because of the lower bottom branches), and size of tree. We have three different size treespade machines. Each treespade moves different size trees based on trunk diameter and species. Certain species are more sensitive to transplant, and we prefer to oversize the rootball whenever possible.

Do you fertilize your trees when you transplant them?

Do the trees live after a transplant?

Are there any preparation guidelines for a transplant?

What post-transplant care is required?